Assignment Four: Tutor Feedback and my thoughts

Tutor Report Assignment-4-cn-formative-feedback-craig-sinclair-515221

It was nice to get some positive feedback from my tutor for assignment four along with a couple of pointers for further reading and fine tuning.

I will go back and re-read the Harvard Referencing document again. I think I’m nearly there with my referencing I just need to make sure its on point and fix the direct quotes.

My tutor makes a good point about the header image on the blog! I was messing around with the header image recently and admit I want to change it, so agreed, a valid point. I will look to find something more suitable/relevant.

I am just making my way through the suggested reading from my tutor ‘ Aesthetics of Affect’ by Simon O’Sullivan. I am enjoying all of the reading on the course, seeing work from different artists/photographers and soaking up new information from multiple sources. I find it fascinating. There was a point when I started at the OCA where I was unsure about viewing lots of other photographers work, in my ignorance I couldn’t really see the point, just give me technical know how. I think now I’m starting to get it. Technique is very important but there is so much more to photography than that. You pick up the relevant technical abilities as you are going along, there is no point trying to learn it all at once. At times it can be a little overwhelming or confusing but that’s usually at the point where I need to go out and get some fresh air, then come back to my studies.

I have read ahead through section 5 and the final assignment for Context and Narrative. I have a couple of ideas bubbling away in my brain but not at the point where I want to share these just yet. I will do some brainstorming. I like the idea of something with psychological tension, just one image, staged using props. I will get the next assignment to my tutor in August, I have some time off here and there along with my Fridays and a clear diary! I am submitting for the next assessment for November, so I want to spend September wrapping everything up, making any adjustments and getting prints done.

I went up to London on Friday to visit the Photographers Gallery again as they have an exhibition on by Gregory Crewsdon. Having read ahead I can see this will be helpful and relevant but I will talk about the visit more in a separate blog post.

In other recent good news I finally got my flash trigger to work with the soft-box! It needed to have the flash in manual mode and I think I had the receiver and transmitter the wrong way around. Wo ho!  I also picked up a manual on using flash. As you can see I was a little excited, forgive the terrible highlights and the glowing halo… no cameras were harmed in the making of this photograph!


Craig, 23/07/17


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