Assignment Four: Reflection

Looking back at the assignment in reflection I am pleased with the end result. I feel I applied myself to the essay and the research behind the photograph and the photographer. I am sure my tutor will come back with some good constructive feedback and suggestions to adjust the essay.

The part I found most difficult was keeping the word count down and I did go over the 1000 word essay. I’m not sure if this will be a major problem or not but I will see what feedback my tutor gives. I feel I could probably develop the essay further and go deeper if I had lots more time but I do have some constrictions on how much time I can apply to the one essay.

I pulled my research from multiple sources which I feel gives a good balanced and unbiased approach. Although I admit I was already intrigued by the image originally I feel I have been able to give an objective point of view due to my research. I have also been able to incorporate some of my own personal feelings about the image. Reading from multiple sources has given me a wider awareness of the work.

I think I have given a balanced essay analysis, giving context, some background about the photographer, posed some questions, some answers and de-constructed the image before pulling together my thoughts and conclusions.

One thing I did find hard was finding any well written constructive criticism of Crewdson’s work. Now, that could be because there is simply none out there or I just couldn’t find any. All the books and research I did praised the work, no one had anything bad to say about any of it. I would have been interesting to have read or discussed with someone who doesn’t like his work. I must admit subjectively I think his work is of the highest quality and from what I have seen he has really forged a new direction for contemporary photography along with the likes of Jeff Wall, they have opened up the physiological door for photographers to explore deeper. I think this has helped to given contemporary photography a strong basis as an art form rather than just a method of visual recording.

I am doing a lot of reading to accompany the course and I am also looking at a lot of different photographers work. I think this is helping me to be more open to different possibilities within photography. I really like the staged/tableau photography so I am looking forward to assignment 5, I hope I haven’t just jinxed myself!




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