Exhibition Visit 29th June 2017 Fractured Architecture by Thomas Kellner, Fox Talbot Museum, Lacock


Today I visited a fascinating new exhibition at the Fox Talbot museum at Lacock by German ‘photo artist’ Thomas Kellner, the exhibition is called ‘Fractured Architecture’.

I found the images created a refreshing twist and perspective of some familiar and some not so familiar locations/landmarks. The artist Thomas Kellner constructs these new ‘fractured’ images by pulling together multiple shots in a thoroughly thought out and planned contact sheet format, to create a new unique piece of art called ‘Cubist Photographs’.    FullSizeRender

Some of the images reminded me a little of that otherworldly feel they created in the 2010 film Inception, the locations are familiar but they have a new dimension to them. Some of the images also reminded me of the strange effect you would get with different mirrors at the carnival mirror horror show, distorting perspectives.

Having recently sign up to Instagram. I have observed the reuse of the same type of image, you could probably categorise all the images into around 10 categories and styles, people just seem to recreate the same image, depending on popular styles and trends. The same is the case for seeing images of popular destinations, you end up seeing a lot of very similar images, of course you want the location to be recognisable to the observer but the challenge for the artist is to create something unique to them, say something about them and their perspective on the world, to make the viewer linger a little longer than a glance.  The idea of cubist art or cubist photography is not new and other artists have used it but I love the way Thomas restructures reality into his own personal style.

Some of my favourite images from his exhibition were of Stonehenge, London Bridge, House of Parliament and Lacock Abbey itself:

The image of the Houses of Parliament particularly interested me and my friend who attended, it almost reflects on the current state of the fractured, hung parliament that we have in the UK at the moment and the current political position we are in, although I see that as me attaching my own idea to the image rather than the artists original intention.


What I also found interesting was the different emotional feeling/connection I had towards places I knew well and have visited verses places I haven’t been to; I had a different vibe or energy from them.  For example this image below of La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona. I felt a darkness from the image that was hard to quantify in words:


Probably my favourite image out of all of those I viewed was of London Bridge. Speaking with my friend I said how the image reminded me for some reason of the trojan horse from Greek mythology but it could just be me!


Again, a very different kind of exhibition for me to attend and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it!



Thomas Kellner Photography in Art


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