Assignment Three: Tutor Feedback and my thoughts

Tutor Report Assignment-3-cn-formative-feedback-craig-sinclair-515221

As ever I am grateful for the formative feedback from my tutor for assignment three. I like to take a couple of days to think it over.

I don’t currently have the equipment to produce decent prints from home. I would like to look into getting a printer for the future but its weighing up the cost of both the printer and the ink cartridges at the moment. I emailed around the C & N student community for some thoughts on printers and printing from home in general. The general consensus was that printing from home can be expensive, the main issue being the price of the ink cartridges. Another issue was around colour accuracy. Some students suggested a colour calibration device as well. I’ve never done prints in a dark room, I would love to see how it works, the closest thing I have is my newly acquired Polaroid camera but its not the same thing really.

I looked for the print submission guidelines but I can’t seem to find them. I’ve asked student support if they can point me in the right direction. I like the borders but a wider border may give a better separation and framing.

I take on board my tutors feedback about being rigorous with selection. I had cut back a number of images from my selection but I guess I could be a little more ruthless with my final selection. There are a couple images I may consider dropping from the selection. I was a little disappointed my tutor wasn’t keen on the concluding image, its one of my favourites and I think it conveys in summary what I was trying to say. I had toyed a little with dropping all the other images and just submitting a version of the final image. I could see a series of 8 images may sit better that than the 12 images plus the final concluding shot.

I will consider emailing around a link to my fellow students on the course for some feedback and think about my privacy in regards to the blog.

I enjoyed doing the masquerades exercise with my father. I guess the final photograph is what ultimately matters the rest is all noise. It was a little tricky trying to explain everything to my Dad and construct the shots at the same time. I’m glad I went with this idea though. I feel this unit is really challenging me in a positive way to experiment, even if the end result isn’t always perfect, I feel I am developing as I’m going along. I’m less worried about trying and failing. My mentor recently gave me some advice when I was struggling with a bit of a mental block, she said “get the ideas out of head, try ideas out, just do it!

I’m really enjoying the reading on the course. I feel a bit like a sponge, the more I read the more I want to read. Photography is so much more than being just about photography, for me it encompasses everything in life.  The more photographs and exhibitions I go to the more I want to see. The more photographers I here about the more I want to learn about them and their work. I’m quite hungry for consumption at the moment, which feels refreshing. I recently had some feedback from the NPG in London and they explained the reasons for no photographs in the particularly exhibition I went to, so I can see their point of view (I don’t agree but I appreciate what they said!) and they hoped I would be back again soon, so that was really nice. I’m looking forward to getting back to London sometime soon, I’m nervous with everything that’s been going on in London but you can’t let these things hold you back.

I will have a look at stylisation around the thumbnails. Not 100% I can change this or how but I will have a look. I quite like the shadows and borders on the thumbnails though.

I will have a look at the work of the level 3 student as suggested by my tutor.

Looking forward to working on the essay for my next assignment. I enjoy writing. I will give it some thought about which image I want to write about. I think this will develop as I work my way through part 4 of C & N.

-Craig, 12/06/17


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