Recognition from the ones that matter most – Randomness May 2017

Its been a tough week and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, probably too much. Watching far too much news coverage here in the UK.

I was sad to read recently of the death of Chris Cornell, RIP. I love Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave. Soundgarden are one of my all time favourite bands. So many memories, good and bad. The ‘grunge’ scene (and heavy metal) was my scene growing up in the 90’s.

I used to play music in bands. I used to love playing in bands but it never really worked out, band members move on, some people are more committed than others or views on style directions change. I got overwhelmed in the end with a back injury and an unbearable level of stage freight and anxiety which I think I’m only really understanding now in my 30’s for what it really was. I still have some old photos of the band taken by a friend of the band who sadly passed away. Some photos below. He had a real knack of capturing action and was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, despite everything he was going through. Its nice to look back at the old band photos and remember some of the good times we had.

Minion Race. I'm on the far left.

Minion Race, I’m on the far left. 2001. Copyright Rowland Boys


Minion Race. Copyright Rowland Boys


Minion Race. Copyright Rowland Boys


Minion Race. Copyright Rowland Boys


Minion Race. Copyright Rowland Boys

I re-watched the documentary McCullin again this week. Almost all of his life photographing the human condition, war and famine. It must change you, unrepairable change/damage. Hearing Don McCullin speak now in reflection looking back at his photographic career, its hard to see him relive some of the experiences he photographed. Its made me really think about photography and I don’t know how else to say or phrase it but photography is not about photography, it can sometimes feel strange reading so much about photography and thinking so much about it….its about life and every single thing that encapsulates. What I love the most about photography, is being out there taking photographs, connections with nature and the world, its nice to recentre yourself sometimes on your core values and the reason you are doing it.

I finished reading a short book about Dorothea Lange this week, some really thought provoking work.

I got out for a nice stomp in nature this week with a good friend. Good to reconnect and take the time to take in the view.


I had some awesome news from two of my nieces this week. They had to do a project on a photographer for school, so they picked me. It was so lovely to get some recognition from the people who matter the most, your family. I feel they speak from their hearts when they say which photos they like or don’t like! A little boost is sometimes just what you need.

Laura with her photography presentation

Laura with her photography presentation

Sophie with her photography presentation

Sophie with her photography presentation





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