I bought a Polaroid Camera…

I’ve been thinking about it for a while…should I or shouldn’t I buy a Polaroid Camera? I eventually took the plunge this week and purchased a refurbished Polaroid Sun 600 through The Impossible Project.

I like the idea of putting all of the modern technical capabilities to one side and focus on capturing moments using an instant camera.

There was a sense of excitement and anticipation waiting for that first Polaroid image to develop, it was wonderful to see it come to life. Looking at the image my wife and I both said its like being transported back in time to our childhoods or looking at old family photo albums, its strange and slightly enlightening to me as a photographer; new but old possibilities. I’m looking forward to getting out to experiment and to be honest, have some fun with it!

First Polaroid, testing it out. A rather plain shot of part of our back garden and house. Interesting how it gives a different feel and sense of time and place.




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