Assignment Three: Taking shots and getting totally soaked


Out in torrential rain….good fun! It’s all about that P M A!

This assignment has taken me a little longer than I had planned. I saw sun, torrential rain, blisters, blood, sunburn, soaked camera gear, I walked the wrong way alongside a whole triathlon of runners, tallied up over 21 miles in walking over 3 trips to location, and overcame vertigo/fears to climb up a beast of a tower. I got out and I had a lot of fun.  I learned a hard lesson of not being prepared; the tower I had planned to visit was shut on 2 occasions, I should really have taken the time to check what dates and times it was open!

I found the tripod was a really valuable tool for this assignment for the shots I was looking to take, along with a timer delay. I also found a really valuable use for my hat in a sudden downpour!

You could actually say this assignment has been one failure after the next. I’d like to  think of it more as one lesson after another. All good experience.

I wrote a diary for 2 weeks. It was a revealing, cathartic process. I’m still considering how much of it I want to share on here but I will share it with my tutor:


I have discovered my hat is a good rain protector for my camera!


Catching a break on a log



Some of the colours after the rainfall were beautiful and not a soul in sight



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