Exhibition Visit – ‘Plants in a Different Light’ by Jan Ramscar LRPS, Fox Talbot Museum, Lacock – Saturday 15th April 2017

Today I visited an exhibition at the Fox Talbot museum in Lacock by Jan Ramscar LRPS titled ‘Plants in a Different Light’. It was a fascinating exhibition, very different to other exhibitions I have been to.

I got to meet the artist Jan Ramscar who briefly explained the process behind creating the photograms by shining light through the plants onto light sensitive photographic paper, so the images are created without a camera and how she blends her love for science and art together. I mentioned to Jan how some of the images reminded me of an underwater exhibition I had seen previously at the museum, how some of these images could be slotted into that exhibition as they looked like they could be alien like creatures from the depths of the ocean.

I loved the vibrant luminous colours in the images, patterns created by nature, how science and nature can become art. It is fitting that the exhibition is at the Fox Talbot museum as some of Talbot’s first images were of plants like flowers, leaves and ferns.

A couple of i-Phone snaps from the visit:


Fox Talbot Museum

Jan Ramscar Art



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