Assignment Two: Tutor Feedback and my thoughts

Tutor Report Assignment-2-cn-formative-feedback-craig-sinclair-515221

It was a great idea to meet with my tutor face to face on Google Hangouts. It definitely makes it feel more real and I am very grateful for the feedback from my tutor, sometimes the difficult part for me is to know what to do with the feedback constructively afterwards. My negative chimp brain sometimes takes over. I tend to need time to process feedback and I know I am a thinker; better at writing down my thoughts than speaking them aloud but I’m better when I get to know/trust someone.

Good point, I will go back and update my referencing for the assignment.

I’m quite happy with the shift in tempo for the series, the 3/5 balance, it illustrates the shift in thought process for the character but I will give it some thought, I appreciate it is balanced heavy towards the ‘act’ itself. The strongest image for me in the set was also the face in the cereal bowl image so I was interested to hear the same from my tutor. It took a lot of different angles, drinking of milk and attempts to get that shot right! It was fun despite the subject matter!

I take on board the good points raised from my tutor about the lighting and experimenting with the flash. I may go back and reconsider the lighting for the 1st photograph with the character on the bed. I was looking to expose for the lamp on the bed side cabinet, which I initially blew out on previous shots.  So I have a nicely exposed lamp but poorly exposed/lit character; the trousers are dark and the shirt very light so need to find a balance. I’m happy to experiment with flash. I find one of the challenges with open learning is it would sometimes be nice to have a teacher/tutor there in person to say, try this or that, have you considered this, etc. I don’t have a plethora of photography friends at the moment to lean on but I do reach out to other students, books and of course You Tube on occasion.

I feel happy with the composition of the shots and the concept/idea behind the set. Overall I was looking for a really plain/drab colour palette but I take on board my tutor’s comments about the images needing to be ‘visually strong, even extreme’. I will work on this. Again it’s about finding a balance with the subject matter and delivering that visually in a way I think is honest to me. I take on the valid point that your work needs to stand out against the sea of other photographs out there.

Good point about the London visit, reflecting on the different spaces. I will go back and add some thoughts on that.


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