Assignment Three: Initial thoughts and planning ahead

I am making a start on section 3 now and I have kept a diary for 2 weeks with some of my daily activities and my thoughts. It has been a cathartic experience. I am considering reflecting on the life of me as an introvert. Perhaps relating images directly back to the daily activities within my diary is an idea i.e. a shot to summarise the day but that would leave me with 14 shots….which may not be a bad thing and I have already started to capture some shots around this.

Another idea I had was to explore my life through 1st person perspective, a little bit like a first person computer game (if that makes sense), so the camera directly becomes my eyes, the viewer would be seeing through my eyes.

A third idea was spinning off the back of the introvert idea and creating a set of images, i.e. just a single day in the life of an introvert.

These are all ideas and my brain is still doing some sub-conscious processing that I need to jot down on paper and spider diagram.


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