Assignment One: Tutor Feedback and my thoughts


I am pleased with the formative feedback from my tutor for Assignment 1. He has raised some really good points to take forward, tips and further reading.

Having read through the feedback there are no major changes I want to make to the assignment on this occasion. I have read through the Harvard referencing Guide from my tutor, I had read about this previously in the OCA starter course but I admit I forgot to reference the song mentioned at the end of my assignment. I have gone back and added a reference to the end of the assignment for the song referenced in the assignment.

My tutor mentioned about historical and contemporary references/influences to the assignment. On this occasion I can honestly say there was no particular references/influences as far as artistically to any particular photographer it was just an idea I had developed in response to the brief and the mood I was feeling at the time about our use of Social media.The idea for the assignment did not stem/originate from the piece of music. It was influenced, as it came on in the background whilst I was creating the images for the assignment.  Perhaps it I gave it more prominence than necessary but I felt it was important to include it.

The idea was a reflection on how I was feeling at the time about the use of Social Media and the false images people can portray of themselves on-line, or only show one part of the story. I had also reflected a little on having seen some daily vlogging on YouTube . This is where creators do a daily video log of their life and upload it to YouTube for people to view. So there is an influence there but there was no one particular vlogger that influenced it. I had noticed an increasing sense that this edited down version of someone’s day can give across the wrong impression to the viewer that they lead this amazing life by editing out all the boring or mundane parts. I guess as well these people can influence others and make them perceive that their own life is not good enough or they are not good enough. I know because I have felt it sometimes, the negative effect of perceiving others living amazing lives, I know I’m not the only one who has felt this way. I think it has been an awakening process for me to see Social Media for what it really is. It is a great tool for promoting yourself or your business etc but it is not an accurate summary of the reality of somebodies life. Our life’s cut down and summarised into edited down chunks.

I would say there was definitely some influence, reference, reflection on the political  position of the current time, with key politicians using social media as a platform to promote their ideals, from all political parties, both in the UK and on a global level. Its hard to know what’s really the truth on the political stage and I think this could be a political strategy to destabilise things, primarily the media. I worked for 10 years in local government, 6 of which was in Democratic Member Services and Overview and Scrutiny supporting local councillors/committees, so I have spent some time in the political environment. I would like to think I have a general feel for how things can play out in public and behind closed doors.

My main influence however was my own struggles with Social Anxiety Disorder and Mental Health and struggling to find my place in society. When I was younger I found it difficult talking about it but as I get older, I have found it makes it easier to talk about it rather than hold it all in. You have to find a way of venting everything or it will consume you. I wanted to keep the identification of who I really am quite vague and not too obvious but I take on board my tutors comments about maybe being too vague or mysterious! I can see how the neutral viewer may struggle a little to identify which one best represents me. I guess its finding the right balance, which I can work on. I had thought a lot about how I presented the layout of the images, I found the flip side was displaying it in a different way, for example in 2 columns,  made it too obvious who I was!

I like the point my tutor made about doing an assignment prep blog post (s), I have seen other students do this, I might look to incorporate this into my future assignments on my blog.






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