Project 5 The manipulated image

Instead of using double exposures or printing from double negatives we now have
the technology available to us to make these changes in post-production, allowing
for quite astonishing results.

Use digital software such as Photoshop to create a composite image which visually
appears to be a documentary photograph but which could never actually be.


Twins meeting for the first time

For this photograph I wanted to create a meeting of two individuals, twins. To create this image I set my camera up on a tripod to keep the framing exactly the same. I checked the exposure with a couple of test shots, then took a number of shots in Manual mode, setting the exposure and the camera to trigger from the remote with a 2 sec delay. I selected the two images which I felt fitted best and then blended the images in Photoshop Elements 14 using layers and used the eraser tool with a feathered brush on one layer to reveal the layer beneath. I followed a tutorial I found on line here: How To Blend Images Together EASILY! – Adobe Photoshop CC – Tutorial #11

I blended the two photographs below to get my final image.

As I don’t have an identical twin, this photograph is completely unreal but the blending of the two photographs gives the false impression of two of me within the frame. I can’t think of a situation where I would particularly want to do this but its great to explore the possibilities that are out there with technology. I can see that there would be endless artistic possibilities for doing this, I have seen some amazing composite images on line blending beautiful portrait photography with landscape images. I would avoid this with traditional documentary photography, it just isn’t appropriate in my view.


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